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The products used are from the professional  brand- Quebec's Laboratory Dr Renaud 'In a beauty product, there is 50% quality and 50% of the work of the beautician.'








The prices are -50% for teenagers!

HydraScience AHD3

60 minutes : 120$


- All types of desydrate skin, including oily skin and sensitive skin, from the first signs of desydratation
- Hydrates on the surface and in depth for a young-looking skin
- Smoothes wrinkles and fine lines, sublimates the hair and texture of the skin. The skin is soft, supple and toned


75 minutes: $169


- Combines the highest permitted concentrations of pure retinol and salicylic acid with high-performance cosmetic ingredients - AHA, resveratrol, ceramides, antioxidants - to help correct the appearance of signs of aging.

- Book of spectacular results on the 3 types of wrinkles; expression wrinkles, superficial wrinkles and deep wrinkles

30 minutes: $45


- Quick facial to improve skin tone and texture, including cleansing, scrubbing and hydration.




- Exfoliate gently without scratching the skin thanks to the actions of enzymes, Lactic and Salicylic acids. Debarassee of its dead cells, its impuretes and its sebum exces, the skin is sublime. Refreshed, it is ready to absorb the active ingredients of our professional care. 


Glycolac Plus with Well-Balanced AHA

40 minutes: 54$


- Anti-ageing, refining and hydrating facial. For hyperkeratinized, dehydrated, dry and rough skin, dull complexion.

Peeling Expert:


60 minutes : 95$

A facial featuring a peel. This treatment, with its arctic berry base, targets the signs of aging and promotes glowing skin.


60 minutes: $134

- Ideal for sensitive skin, with or without redness
- Suitable for all types of rockases type 1-4
- Relieving



60 minutes: $134

- All skin types, even the most sensitive
- Attenue the appearance of pigment spots
- Unifies and restores the glow of dull complexions

CLEAR UP 50 minutes: 64$

- Adults and adolescents; For the treatment of acne prône skin, comedonal, asphyxic and oily skin.

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